How to Know When It’s Time to Junk Your Car

Are you on the fence and wondering if you should sell your car for cash? Before you dial up the junkyard and say “Junk my car,” you should make sure it’s the right time to part with it. At Junk It Cash, we can help; let’s run down some reasons that it might be time to put your old clunker out to pasture.

It’s Beyond Repair

Is your junk car beyond repair? If the cost of repairing the heap of metal sitting in your driveway is more than the car is worth, it may be your best option to scrap your car. This is particularly true if your engine is shot or transmission is out. Even multiple small repairs can cost a heap of change, so at some point you need to ask yourself “Should I junk my car?” The alternative is pouring more money into a potentially leaking bucket.

Your Car Is a Rolling Safety Violation

If you’re driving an older car, you’re missing out on some new generation safety features that can keep you and your family — your precious cargo — from harm on the road. Perhaps your car is so old that it has no airbags or lacks anti lock brakes. Many vehicles from the early 2000s and before are not up to safety standards today. It makes sense to junk your car to keep those you love safer in the event of a collision or other accident.

Your Family Has Expanded

If your family has expanded lately, you may be thinking of ditching your old wheels for something roomier and that’s safer and more dependable. The money you get for your old car can always come in handy if you’re expecting a baby.

It’s Turning Into a Rust Bucket

If your car is starting to rust, there’s very few remedies that don’t cost a proverbial arm and leg. And rust is not going anywhere soon; in fact, it only gets worse, and over time, it can break down your old clunker’s undercarriage, which provides support for many of the main components on your car, including the brakes and fuel lines. You’re simply asking for trouble once rust sets in. Selling your car for scrap is a terrific idea if rust is becoming a real problem. Get rid of it sooner as opposed to later.

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